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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Why do we need a domain or website ?


Why do we need a domain or website ?

          Do you know nowadays, having a website has been quite common thing in our life. You could simply get a domain for free and host it with popular hosting companies like Godaddy, Hostinger,,, and etc..  

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  In order to get a website, you have to buy a domain and engage a hosting service which is managed by hosting company. Domain's price is very low for the 1st year probably ranging from zero cost to 15usd. The cost incurred would be mostly due to recurring monthly hosting fee which range from 5usd to 20usd.  It all depend on the package you are going to use or deploy. 

   So, what are the reasons why we need a domain or website ?  

Business Need - Business owner need a website for representing a brand or business presence. In order to let people find your business online, a proper website can bring customers to your doorstep. Eg, Not only product, foods eatery, cafe and even services go online and let people to connect to them online.   

Personal interest - For some people, they like to write blog and share with friend and public about something. They prefer to have their own domain rather than free domain Eg.  In fact, you can have your own domain name at very low price like 5usd 1st year and pay only following year about 15usd.

Monetization - You can use website for generating traffic and bring revenue by publishing ads like google adsense, link shortener and etc. 

Affiliate Program - You may join affiliate program like, clickbank, amazon affiliate program, fiverr affiliate etc. By just promoting their products on your website, you can earn some commission from 

Ecommerce - More and more individual are getting involved in ecommerce by selling their own product, reselling other people's product or even drop-shipping from one country to another. Online store has always been the trend now.       

Re-selling domain - One thing least to be known by people would be actually you can resell your domain at upper price. Eg, Godaddy would let you put your domain on bidding. It might go up to 100x or even more.. So, get a domains by only few dollars with a good name, you can sell it at high price..   

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 Whatever reason it is.  In this covid pandemic, more and more people have been going online to search for business opportunities. Don't be left out and create a stunning and professional with below website provider - Godaddy at affordable price.   

If you want someone to maintain your website, we can be of the help on this. We charge cheaper fee than those package in the market.  

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