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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AS4551 - No Display

Hi, AS4551 user pls put attentions as this model has been in alert for BIOS update. If your unit's BIOS version is not 1.11 , please visit for latest BIOS update. This is because old bios version would cause your laptop no display after long run.

What if you laptop has been down and no display after power on. You may go for CRISIS DISK rescue download at here
Unzip the file and run in XP sysatem and then burn it into pendrive for CRISIS DISK rescue.

Steps of using CRISIS DISK :

1.Unplug battery and AC adaptor. Plug in CRISIS DISK Pendrive
2. Press ESC + Fn key at the same time while powering on the laptop. If the no display problem met the symptom, the pendrive will flash and update accordingly.

Cautions before using CRISIS DISK :
IF NOT RAM problem, or LCD problem go to CRISIS DISK attempt

Wanted to know to how repair laptop ? Check this out here

Good luck,

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