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Monday, June 21, 2021

Win A PS5 & Enjoy Daily Earning through Touch N go

Win a PS5 & enjoy daily earning through Touch N go !

YES, it's true. Touch N go is now running its campaign "+KAWAN member get member "MGM" for citizen of Malaysia who use TNG for their daily commute or other stuffs purchase online. 

In addition to this campaign, they are also having weekly contest "Win a PS5" from 10-May until 10-Aug 2021 with 11 weeks of opportunity. Come on and grab this chance to be a winner.  

How to get involved ? 

All you need to do is to upgrade your current TnG user to GO+ user by transferring funds from TNG's credits to GO+.  After upgraded, you will be getting yourself a draw for this weekly "PS5 draw contest". Besides that, you will be earning 1% interest rate per annum. In fact, you will get another 1% if you refer more people to join this campaign. 

Sound interesting?  Open up your Touch N go app. Click on the GO+ button to upgrade. Kindly key in my referrer code for both of us to earn 1% interest rate per annum. 

Another reminder,  "Ebelia" free money RM150 for youth, have you already claimed this money on Touch N go ?  Just do it on Touch N Go app.  

This is how it's shown on your screen after upgraded to GO+ user. Interest rate is calculated daily. The more you deposit and refer people, the more interest will be added in. For example, if you deposit 10 000 instead of 100, you will be getting 70cent per day. 30 days will be RM20+. Don't look down at this 1% power, once you have more referee and you could be earning big. Another plus is you can withdraw your money to your bank account whenever you want.  Simple as that.  

Click above button to upgrade now.


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