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Logo designer Fiverr

Logo designer Fiverr
Logo designer Fiverr

Thursday, November 26, 2020

How to create logo without high budget ?

Hi, there.  

  Today's topic will be talking about how to create logo without high budget for your brand.  You might be thinking, you would try on your own but possibly you would end up wasting your times and efforts. Why not try to engage freelancing, logo designer from fiverr ? The fee could be as low as 10 usd and it can be done within a day or couple of days. 

Pros :

  • High quality result
  • Can be done in short time
Cons :
  • No total control of the logo
  • Require little spending

For those who 's looking for freelancer to create your company or brand's logo.  
Just check her out. 


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Honeygain IOS, android and Windows

 Hi,there. What is Honeygain? It's an app that can make money on your devices like IOS, android, and even on windows. It's been verified and legitimate to use. Now, you will able to make from 0.20 cent to 1 dollar per day with multiple device at home. Recommended to install it onto 5 to 6 devices (phone and laptop). 1 device = 1 IP. In order to maximize your earning, you even can refer more people to sign up. This can earn yourself another 10% of their earning.

Making money with Honeygain is how easy it is. Simply download the app from the link below and you will start earning passive income. Just keep Honeygain app running on your favorite device and enjoy the benefits (even when you sleep!)

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

How to make a food delivery order online in WordPress

Hi, there . 
       Wonder how to how to make a food delivery order online in WordPress. Real Time Order Booking, Pickup & Delivery using GloriaFood WordPress Plugin. Includes Google Map Delivery Zones, Cash & Card Transactions, Table Booking with Order Ahead & many more Features.

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* Elementor --

Introduction & Demo Website Tour
08:33 Best & Fastest Hosting
21:28 GoDaddy to SiteGround
23:30 Installing FREE SSL
24:23 Installing WordPress
26:08 Basic WordPress Settings
31:39 Installing GloriaFood Plugin
32:21 Creating an Account with GloriaFood
33:44 Setting Up Restaurant Profile
36:18 Creating Delivery Zones & Pickup Options
39:41 Table Reservation & Order Ahead Settings
41:57 Taxation & Payments Methods
43:56 Installing Restaurant Order Taking App
48:22 Creating Restaurant Food Menu & Toppings
59:59 Add Menu on Facebook Page
01:04:13 Reports & Google Map API
01:05:17 Installing Theme & Other Plugins
01:10:50 Creating & Designing Home Page
01:22:37 Designing Buttons
01:37:31 Creating About & Contact Page
01:40:40 Creating Posts & Blog Page
01:42:32 Creating Menus & Footer
01:49:12 Customizing the Website
01:54:24 Final Demo Food Ordering

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alidropship plugin

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