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Sunday, December 17, 2017

How can Isotonix help in body wellness?

What is Isotonix ?  It's an isotonic vitamin which can give you nutrients absorption rate up to 95% . It's far more efficient and fast if compared to tablet vitamin which only give around 20% absorption rate.  Isotonic form means same pressure liquid like blood in the body . It would boost the absorption rate when it enters your body.  The isotonix is actually in powder form and need to be mixed with water then it will become liquid for serving.  
Do you know 100plus is an isotonic drink ? Isotonix do the same as isotonic and help in energy recovery after extreme exercise.  Isotonix now comes in Isotonix Calcium, Isotonix B-Complex, Isotonix Multivitamin, Isotonix OPC-3  and Isotonix Digestive Enzyme.

Isotonix OPC-3
  • Antioxidant supplement - Antioxidants are natural cell protectors, neutralising free radicals by pairing an electron to the outermost shell of radical oxygen molecules, rendering them harmless.
  • Increase joint flexibility - ease your joint flexibility when lowering your back and hip. 
  • Lower cholesterol level -  High cholesterol also leads to the buildup of plaque in the arteries, which slows the flow of blood to your heart. Now, Isotonix can lower the level. 
  • Increase women 's health - has the ability to decrease menstrual cramps in women 
  • maintain eye health -Grape seeds are also rich in beta-carotene, the compound in carrots that have had people touting their ability to improve eyesight for centuries.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

How to order your food or groceries online with Honestbee?

Hi, there. Malaysia have brought us a huge convenience for us and continue providing us with more partner store. Just like the recent one, Honestbee.  Nowsaday, ordering your food or groceries is no more hassle and can be done online with Honestbee. All you need to do is just by signing up and downloading the app (Apple or Android playstore).  Why would you still bother going outside like getting your transportation or even finding your parking outside. The foods will be delivered to your doorstep within a day. Go and try it out for yourself. 

Honestbee have partnered with many local or international food restaurants and even supermarket like Hero market, TTDI wet market and etc.  

If this is what you are looking for, you may now opt for more deals by signing up here at

 Why do you shop with ?
- always alert you with latest pricing list and promotions
- give you more variety of restaurants and food stores.
- give you shop point and with this, you can purchase their products with lesser price.

Ok.That's all. Hope you have a beautiful life with

Friday, November 17, 2017

Success Story by Kate - Alidropship business

Hi, Back in year 2006.  Drop shipping has been popular in China due to fast economical growth. The process has reduced the manufacturing cost  due to no inventory cost. Because of that, it has led to lower selling price. We could see it all on the websites like Alibaba, Aliexpress, tabao , ebay, amazon and so and so forth.
Since then, year after year, we could see the business has increased yearly. I was aware of the business somewhere in this year. And now I see it has greater potential to grow due to increased populations of people world wide and the power of social media,

    Let's look at one success story from Alidropship platform in where Kate has earned huge profit from drop shipping business. She earned nearly $30000 on certain month. She owned an online store  selling variety of products with the help of alidropship tool. The tool really help her in importing those products from Aliexpress and published nicely onto her online store.  With the social tools like facebook and instagram, she was able to build her network with high number of followers because of her nicely done online store.

Thanks to Alidropship plugin tool. This tool made her store quickly up running with those hot niches import.  This tool can also able to import thousand and thousand products in space of minutes.

Why is this tool excellent ?

  •  fully automated from received order to shipment 
  •  unlimited products to import
  •  free required tool to manage online store
  •  free update and support  

Apart from this nice online store, she applied some strategies to speed up her sales. Eg,  seasonal promotions, limited time and availability,  new arrival and old stock clearance.
Picking correct niches also has been important to her success. Let's see what products she has chosen.

  • anime series (toy),  costumes,luggage and bags, jewelry, men and women clothing, phone casing

Talking about product strategy, try to import 500 products above in order to stay competitive. When sourcing product from Aliexpress, try to look for bestseller and new arrival tab. If certain products are demanding, try to look for similar product type.

How to target your audience?
Pls use google analytic and facebook audience insight.  They can give you more info on how to find your audiences. Eg,  certain niche are fall on men instead of women, in New York instead of Arizon, on age below 40...With these info, you can use google ads or facebook ads to find your targeted audiences.  Just spend little money on this ads. It's inevitable. 
Beside of facebook ads, instagram ads are also great for advertising.  

In kate's report, she was able to generate great income as shown above. For those who are keen in Kate's success , this would be great way to succeed when you have this alidropship plugin. 

Alidropship plugin
  Go and get your one at

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Arissto Italian Coffee 100% Arabica - Coffee Concepts Supply Store

Arissto Italian Coffee Machine now  available at Coffee Concepts supply store, Ipoh. 
Now, you can easily get the machine with our sharing plan , just purchase the coffee capsule and pay as little as RM699 as deposit in order to own the coffee machine.

#1st Coffee SHARING Plan in Malaysia as little as RM699
Completely changes Coffee in Office!
500,000 units「Smart Capsule Coffee Machine」
FREE installation and maintenance for「offices 」in Malaysia
PM now to register for more info and free installation.
 「Premium Coffee」 joins the 「Sharing」 trend!
ARISSTO Italian Premium Coffee combines “sharing concept” with premium coffee and introduces #1 Coffee SHARING in the market. 
 FREE Upgrade for…
Office’s Coffee Indulgence Experience in Malaysia
The objective of ARISSTO Sharing Plan is simple. We hope that there will be no more chemical instant coffee or bad tasting coffee in the office, and help coffee lover save from no more waiting in queues for expensive coffee too. This will greatly improve the office ambience and employee’s benefits on coffee indulgence.
 Free installation of…
500,000 units Smart Capsule Coffee Machine

ARISSTO Coffee Sharing Plan offers 500,000 units of the new 「Smart Capsule Coffee Machine」 for family and offices to 「FREE Use」. It is comparable to the professional coffee machine that cost over ten of thousands. With its 19 bar steam pressure, the essence of ARISSTO Capsule Coffee is instantly extracted. All you need is to insert the coffee, milk or chocolate capsules into the machine, in just 60 seconds; a cup of aromatic premium coffee is ready. Added to its function of coffee making, it can be used to make tea, milk or simply getting hot water, multi-purpose in just one machine!
Only 20% of Market Price
ARISSTO Coffee Sharing Plan enables all offices and employees to enjoy special VIP Corporate privilege. With only 20% of market price, you will get to enjoy the finest Italian premium coffee; save you from expensive coffee and save hundreds from your usual coffee consumption. 
 The advantages of ARISSTO Coffee Sharing:
 Both company and staff enjoy
。Revolutionary art of Italian Premium Coffee
。FREE Use of Smart Capsule Coffee Machine
。Special VIP Corporate Privilege
。Free from binding contract

继Uber共享汽车、Airbnb共享住宿后, 意大利精品咖啡也加入共享行列. ARISSTO意大利精品咖啡,把“共享精神”注入咖啡,创造市场首个“共享咖啡”平台。
ARISSTO共享咖啡让公司及每位员工均可共享VIP Cooperate 优惠,只需以20%的市场Cafe价格,就可享受极致的意大利精品咖啡,公司与同事,每月可节省数百元的咖啡消费金额。
。VIP Cooperate 优惠

Friday, November 3, 2017

Convert spending into residual income with local partners store like Sen Heng, Zalora, Rakuten and etc.

Hi, there. 
To those who are keen to make their own business in this E-commerce world. Now,it's the time for Malaysian to grab the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur.

Upcoming event at federal hotel this Sunday 5th Nov. Grab the golden opportunity to become your own boss by converting spending into passive income. Discover yourself. 抓住机会成为自己的老板。联邦酒店即将举行的活动。#ecommerce #partime #retailer #shopping #earning
📣📣📣Market Malaysia 最新消息!!!
即将在 5/11/2017 星期日
Partnering with local store and international store, getting more in future - 现有合作的各行各业:Sen Heng Electronic, Qatar Airline, Nike Malaysia, Rakuten Global Market, Victoria Secret, Holiday Inn, Booking.com等等,还在陆续的增加当中。
Official website:
Market Malaysia
下星期日 5/11/2017 举行的 “网络创业说明会”
- 有兴趣了解的朋友可以注册以下的表格,任何疑问也可以直接联系我哦。 012-2419881 Yeong , Unfranchised owner advisor


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