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Monday, January 7, 2019

MOVEX - How to extend Journal entry number

Hi, when doing gls100..there are sometimes the voucher no is exceeded with the following message:
All you can do is to open up CRS400 and CRS410 to add new series number as below :

MOVEX - how to create system calendar

Hi, below are the steps on how to create system calendar?
System calendar is used to set the duration of the priods defined in the MOVEX.
Eg, DO processing will stop on particular Satursday if not ticked

1. Goto crs900 and copy exising fiscal year Eg, 2018 check if it has the DO option being ticked..

2. Once defined all the requirements, you may go to back crs900 and hit F13 3 times. It will generate calendar year based on the year range.

After this CRS900, you need to open up CRS910 for creating a new set of  the set of years that you just created in CRS900.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Voucher no being 00000 or blank in the SO invoice

This could be the SOS980 SO invoice restart processing is not completed and halted in there.
All you can do is to go to AS400 RPG screen, hit the "WA" to find those LCKW lcoked jobs and then end the locked job.

Last step is to rerun the SO980 jobs.

That's it.


Thursday, January 3, 2019

MOVEX - how to add new year SO invoice series no

Hi, wondering how to add new series number for service invoice ?

Here are the steps :
1.Check out SOS010 service order type for the series number used  Eg..301 order type
2. Then go to MFS165 for new year running number by duplicating last year for current year
3.Once done, you may generate invoice on sos180 for the new calendar year ..

Thursday, December 20, 2018

MOVEX - How to hide and unhide certain field in program

Hi, there.
In order to cater for this requirement, you have to create records in SES100 and SES010 respectively.
Below are the simple steps :

Say your want to grant access to particular user for access right..Like not editable

SES200 : Define field control on program

SES100 :  Define field group

SES010 : Define who can have the right ...

SES010 : Define its right....

Hope that helps...cheer!

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