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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Javascript how to add leading zero at the front of month and day

Hi there.
How to add leading zero at the front of month and day field. For example,
From 2018/6/6  to 2018/06/06  YYYYMMDD

Normally we would use datetimepicker.js for the job. What if it did not show the leading zero at front of the month or day. We can add revise it by using -slide(-2) function and by if condition

Method 1: Slice(-2) function

Method 2: If condition

Hope it helps and happy coding.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How to display html coding on your blogspot post?

Hi, there.
Ever wondered how to go about this ?  One of my favorite ways is that you can add

 as what i had applied on this post

Hope it helps.

ASP how to validate data entry ?

Hi, there.
Below are the simple coding which can validate 2 columns which are Cardno and
Remarks on the same form called "manual_form.

Always apply validations on field so that consistent data entry ensures high integrity data.

Happy coding..

Monday, March 19, 2018

SQL - How to retrieve last 100 records ?

Hi, there.
Normally when we do data validation, we need to retrieve some latest records. Let's take last 100 records.

Method 1 by datetime field 

USE [dataDB]


select top 100 * from tbltransaction

order by trdate desc, trtime desc

Method 2 by running no ID field (PK)

USE [dataDB]

select * from tblTransaction

where ID >

( (select COUNT(*) from tblTransaction) - 150)

order by ID desc


Sunday, December 17, 2017

How can Isotonix help in body wellness?

What is Isotonix ?  It's an isotonic vitamin which can give you nutrients absorption rate up to 95% . It's far more efficient and fast if compared to tablet vitamin which only give around 20% absorption rate.  Isotonic form means same pressure liquid like blood in the body . It would boost the absorption rate when it enters your body.  The isotonix is actually in powder form and need to be mixed with water then it will become liquid for serving.  
Do you know 100plus is an isotonic drink ? Isotonix do the same as isotonic and help in energy recovery after extreme exercise.  Isotonix now comes in Isotonix Calcium, Isotonix B-Complex, Isotonix Multivitamin, Isotonix OPC-3  and Isotonix Digestive Enzyme.

Isotonix OPC-3
  • Antioxidant supplement - Antioxidants are natural cell protectors, neutralising free radicals by pairing an electron to the outermost shell of radical oxygen molecules, rendering them harmless.
  • Increase joint flexibility - ease your joint flexibility when lowering your back and hip. 
  • Lower cholesterol level -  High cholesterol also leads to the buildup of plaque in the arteries, which slows the flow of blood to your heart. Now, Isotonix can lower the level. 
  • Increase women 's health - has the ability to decrease menstrual cramps in women 
  • maintain eye health -Grape seeds are also rich in beta-carotene, the compound in carrots that have had people touting their ability to improve eyesight for centuries.

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